SUBJECT: FDA Indirect Food Contact

Jetrion 4000/4830 Ink

The specified printing inks may be safely used on any non-direct food contact surface of a packaging product. In a non-direct food packaging application, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires an FDA acceptable functional barrier separate the ink film and the foodstuff, and that the food packaging material and/or its components impart no taste and/or odor to the food product. EFI-Jetrion products intended for this application, when properly applied and cured in the finished form (to prevent set-off), should meet this criteria.

The specified printing inks are not formulated for application to the direct food contact surface of a food package. If printing inks are applied to this surface, then a "functional barrier" must exist between the ink and the food. If an FDA suitable overprint varnish is applied to a direct food contact surface, it may not be in full compliance with FDA requirements unless the surface in the finished form in which it is to contact food meets extraction testing limitations according to FDA standard 21 CFR 175.300(c). This testing would be done by the converter to demonstrate proper application of the coating.