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Repacorp’s printed fluorescent light diffusers will “lighten up” your environment and spirits. Our relaxing cloud designs will make every day a bright sunny day. They soothe and calm while eliminating harsh glare from fluorescent lighting.

The scenes are printed onto panels with durable UV inks. The printing produces about a 32% reduction in light with the cloud designs (the darker the design, the darker the room). If you are concerned about the blockage of light, we suggest strategically replacing a few light diffusers with printed panels, leaving other fluorescent lighting without designs. Windows and other light sources will help keep the room bright.

Repacorp’s Printed Fluorescent Light Diffusers replace existing fluorescent light panels. Designs are printed onto Durastrong® plastic panels that measure 23 ¾˝ x 47 ¾˝ and are .045 mils in thickness. The diffusers drop into a standard 2′ x 4′ fluorescent light frame. If your light fixture is smaller, the printed diffusers can easily be cut with a utility knife to fit your existing light frame. Durastrong® plastic has an UL-94V-2 rating, and a flame spread of 0-5! We have our panels specially formulated with just enough white pigment for the best luminosity without viewing the light bulbs. UV inhibitors are added to our plastic to help prevent yellowing and to keep colors bright and crisp.

For a less costly alternative to the Durastrong® panels, Repacorp offers Clear Cell™. Clear Cell™ is a printed film that measures 22 3/8˝ x 46 ½˝, and lies on top of the current fluorescent light cover. If your current light diffuser is textured, you will see the texture when viewing the design.

Repacorp has a large collection of designs in our library, but we can’t possibly have every design your customer might want. Perhaps they want a custom design for a restaurant chain or directional designs to guide traffic through a hospital. So that we don’t limit your sales and imagination, Repacorp will print custom Durastrong® panels or Clear Cell™ films. Please note our return policy for stock and custom designs.




Durastrong® is a registered trademark of Repacorp.

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