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Don’t Miss Out!

If your not looking at selling digital labels, you’re missing out ! Repacorp has invested heavily in tool-free cutting systems to make you more competitive. Ask your customer service representative about Repacorp’s digital labels―and  become part of a 700 million dollar industry.

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  • If you resell labels I highly recommend adding the quote module to your web site. You instantly will receive live pricing for digitally printed labels. You can add this directly to your web site with your logo and company information. You also control your markup. The quote module can be added to your web site so your customer can get pricing and place an order. You also can add the quote module to your companies intranet. All of your customer service reps. can use the quote module for instant live pricing and mark the quote up whatever you want for a particular customer. Go to http://www.repacorp.com to see an informational video and a live demo of the quote module.

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