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Digital Printing

Digital Printing

Digital printing allows us to manufacture medium to short runs of high quality labels at an extremely competitive price. How do we do it? Repacorp has invested in a digital press that does not use plates—thus no plate charges!  And we invested in a tool-free digital cutting system that does not require dies—thus no tooling charges!  (Without die limitations, you can make your label any shape imaginable!)

With digital, you save on plates, tooling, material waste and time. Let’s compare flexo printing costs to digital printing costs by looking at a simple example of printing a 4-color process label:

Quantity: 1,000 labels:

$400 plates
$500 dies
Approx. 2,000 feet of material to set up a press (for registration)
Press set-up time approx. 3-4 hours
Total: approx. $2,000 ($2.00 per label)

$0 plates
$0 dies
Approx. 50 feet of material to set up a press (for registration)
Press set-up time approx. 15 minutes
Total: approx. $200 ($.20 per label)


In the table below, we ran actual retail costs of a label:

Size: 1.37” x 1.75”
Die Cut: Special
Varnish: None
Variable Printing: No
Versions: 1


Quantity Flexo Plates Rotary Die Flexo Print Flexo Total Digital Total

1,000 labels






2,500 labels






5,000 labels






10,000 labels






25,000 labels






As you can see in the chart above, there is a big difference in the cost between digital and flexo printing!  However, digital printing is only cost effective for runs of about 10,000 feet of material or less.  When you  get into larger runs, flexo becomes more cost effective.

As technology improves, presses are getting wider and faster. Digital will be competing with flexo printing within 5 years.