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High Speed Digital Technology for Long Label Runs with Multiple Versions

Repacorp’s new 13″ wide  high-speed press combines the productivity associated with flexo (speeds up to 246 ft/min) with the flexibility offered by rapid job change. Our 4-color digital press uses curable UV inks, offers an opaque white option, cold foil and two additional flexo stations for PMS colors, fluorescents, metallic ink or spot varnish. Kyocera print heads provide 600 dpi native resolution, which means more smaller drops are printed in order to create finer detail on both images and small point text.


Our press offers back printing, black variable data, and laminating with roll to roll or roll to sheet finishing on just about any material. Our three flexo die stations provide top cutting, perforating, sheeting and undercutting capabilities. To top it all off, we added an Advanced Vision Technology system that delivers 100% in-line print inspection and quality control. With the AVT system we are able to ensure quality and color repeatability from label to label and from one run to the next.

Note: This press is for large label runs (ideal for large runs with multiple SKUs). It is not cost effective for short runs and does not replace our five digital short run presses with laser cutting located in Ohio, Wisconsin and Arizona.

Make Shape Part of the Brand

Studies by the Operative Communications Hierarchy have found  that we are affected by the elements of package design in the following order: colors, shapes, symbols, and words. Your customers put a lot of thought into developing their logo (symbol) and choosing their label’s color, but have they given any thought to making thier label’s shape part of their brand?     

With Repacorp’s digital labels with laser cutting, there are no tooling charges. We can cut odd shapes, inner cutouts, perforations and scores. The shape of your customer’s label can be as intricate and creative as their imagination. Simply provide a die line on a separate layer of the artwork, and we will cut thier labels into a unique brand shape, for each product segment, throughout their brand.

Digital Capabilites

  • 4-color process printing with near photographic quality and outstanding color reproduction
  • Lasers provide a tool-free cutting system that allow you to cut your label any shape and size imaginable!
  • No plates and No dies make you extremely competitive
  • Large selection of materials: durable synthetics, papers, environmental, fluorescent, metallic, and tag stock
  • The ability to print white opaque ink to make colors and barcodes pop on clear, fluorescent and metallic materials
  • 8″ maximum label width
  • Almost unlimited label length
  • Minimum order of 100 labels
  • Our UV inks stand up to harsh environments without coatings
  • If you want more protection for your label, matte and gloss varnishes and overlaminates are available
  • Repacorp’s distributor quote module provides instant live pricing. You can provide pricing while on the phone with your customer and email them a quote!

Great Quote Module Feedback!

Repacorp has received a lot of great feedback from companies that have added our Distributor Quote Module for digital labels to their website. One of the best suggestions was that Repacorp provide an additional link, free of charge, which can be placed on the distributor’s Intranet for internal quoting.   With two links, distributors are able to link one quote module to their website, with their mark up. They are placing the second link, with no markup, on their internal Intranet. If they don’t have an Intranet, they are placing the link in customer service’s “Favorites” in their web browser. Now their customer service representatives can provide customers with instant live pricing!

Don’t Miss Out!

If your not looking at selling digital labels, you’re missing out ! Repacorp has invested heavily in tool-free cutting systems to make you more competitive. Ask your customer service representative about Repacorp’s digital labels―and  become part of a 700 million dollar industry.

Distributor Quote Module

Distributor Quote Module
Distributor Quote Module

Repacorp makes it easy for you to be very competitive in the growing market of digital labels.

Link your website to instant live pricing—with your markup. You will be providing your customers the latest label technology; digital labels with near photographic quality (no plate charge), and the flexibility to cut their label any shape imaginable (no tooling charge)!



Watch an informational video, sign up for a free webinar about the Repacorp’s Quote Module or sign up for your own Distributor Quote Module!

Distributor Quote Module

For a small fee of $14.95 per month, Repacorp will provide code that links your website to an instant online quote module maintained and enhanced by Repacorp. Our online pricing tool is easy to use and provides live, accurate pricing.

Imagine—you and your customers can receive accurate live pricing on your website, and you can enter any size or shape label without tooling cost.  

Watch an informational video (click the photo) at: http://www.myonlineprintquote.com/.

25 Approved Materials!

Repacorp has tested and approved 25 popular (and varied) materials for our digital presses. We have papers, synthetics, metallics, fluorescents, environmental and tag stock from which to choose!

If you are unsure of which material is best for your application, please call your customer service representative. They will be happy to help you choose the best material and adhesive for your label.

Tool Free Cutting System

Labels cut special shape

Labels courtesy of Lalajava, LLC

Due to our proprietary cutting system, we do not charge for dies. Our tool-free cutting method allows us to cut any desired shape—just provide a die line with your artwork.

With the ability to produce labels any shape imaginable, Repacorp has enabled designers to create labels that stand out on the shelves.  With digital short label runs (no plates or dies), it is now very cost effective to test designs in marketing research or update the look of a product’s label.

We Have Updated Our Digital Presses!

You can now order label widths up to 7.55”. We have also added white opaque ink. Choose from 4-color process or 4-color process plus white ink.

To reproduce full-color images, we use a digital 4-color process press. In 4-color process printing, four ink colors are placed on the label in layers of dots that combine to create the illusion of thousands of colors. However, 4-color process inks are transparent. If you are printing on a clear film or a metallic material, you might want to print opaque white ink behind a picture, barcode or text so that it is more easily seen.