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If your not looking at selling digital labels, you’re missing out ! Repacorp has invested heavily in tool-free cutting systems to make you more competitive. Ask your customer service representative about Repacorp’s digital labels―and  become part of a 700 million dollar industry.

Distributor Quote Module

Distributor Quote Module
Distributor Quote Module

Repacorp makes it easy for you to be very competitive in the growing market of digital labels.

Link your website to instant live pricing—with your markup. You will be providing your customers the latest label technology; digital labels with near photographic quality (no plate charge), and the flexibility to cut their label any shape imaginable (no tooling charge)!



Watch an informational video, sign up for a free webinar about the Repacorp’s Quote Module or sign up for your own Distributor Quote Module!


Is RFID new?
RFID is a proven technology that’s been around since at least the 1970s. Up to now, it’s been too expensive and too limited to be practical for many commercial applications. But if tags can be made cheaply enough, they can solve many of the problems associated with bar codes. Radio waves travel through most non-metallic materials, so they can be embedded in packaging or encased in protective plastic for weatherproofing and greater durability. And tags have microchips that can store a unique serial number for every product manufactured around the world.

If RFID has been around so long and is so great, why aren’t all companies using it?
Many companies have invested in RFID systems to get the advantages they offer. These investments are usually made in closed-loop systems—that is, when a company is tracking goods that never leave its own control. That’s because all existing RFID systems use proprietary technology, which means that if company A puts an RFID tag on a product, it can’t be read by Company B unless they both use the same RFID system from the same vendor. But most companies don’t have closed-loop systems, and many of the benefits of tracking items come from tracking them as they move from one company to another and even one country to another.

Is the lack of standards the only thing that has prevented RFID from being more widely used?
Another problem is cost. RFID readers typically cost $1,000 or more. Companies would need thousands of readers to cover all their factories, warehouses and stores. RFID tags are also fairly expensive – 20 cents or more – which makes them impractical for identifying millions of items that cost only a few dollars.

Distributor Quote Module

For a small fee of $14.95 per month, Repacorp will provide code that links your website to an instant online quote module maintained and enhanced by Repacorp. Our online pricing tool is easy to use and provides live, accurate pricing.

Imagine—you and your customers can receive accurate live pricing on your website, and you can enter any size or shape label without tooling cost.  

Watch an informational video (click the photo) at: http://www.myonlineprintquote.com/.

Repacorp, Inc. Wins PSDA 2010 PEAK Award

PEAK competition recognizes the best in printing industry

Phoenix, AZ, 4/5/2010 — Repacorp, Inc. has been awarded the PEAK Grand Award in the Screen Printing category.

Print Excellence And Knowledge (PEAK) Awards competition spotlights companies that not only meet customers’ printing needs through creativity in design, manufacturing, fulfillment and other services, but also solves problems or improves business functions.

“Your work is among the best in our industry and we are happy to present you with this honor,” writes PSDA Print Solutions Magazine in a recent email to Loren Harkrider, plant manger of Repacorp’s screen and large format digital printing division.

Repacorp won the Grand PEAK Award for the screen-printed flexible vinyl cover of the Neil Young Diary. The replica of Neil Young’s personal journal is Smyth-sewn with a 6-color silk-screen print. A white base coat was applied before 4-color process printing and the color was sealed with a matte clear coat. Texture was applied by radio frequency debossing. To view the diary, please visit  www.repacorp.com/awards/peakaward.htm.

“When your employees come through and deliver such an exceptional product to their customer, it shows that they are at the PEAK of the competition,” said Rick Heinl, President of Repacorp, Inc. “I am honored to be recognized by the Grand PEAK Award, and I am very proud to see our employees recognized by such a great award. Congratulations to all involved in this project and for making all Repacorp employees proud.”

Repacorp Inc. will be recognized during the PEAK Awards Lunch Presentation at the 2010 Print Solutions Conference & Expo on May 24, 2010. The award winning Neil Young Diary will be displayed in booth #407 at the 2010 Print Solutions Expo.  For more information about Repacorp’s screen, digital and flexo printing capabilities, please visit www.repacorp.com, or phone 800.323.4415.

Print Solutions Magazine is the premier publication for the printing industry and has received more than 100 awards from numerous organizations. To learn more about this publication, please visit, www.printsolutionsmag.com.

PSDA, the Print Services & Distribution Association (PSDA) is an international organization of print distributors/brokers, trade and commercial printers, and suppliers working together to ensure that end users receive the products and services they need to succeed. Since 1946, PSDA has been the exclusive association for the print distribution industry. For more information about PSDA visit www.psda.org or phone 800.336.4641.

Print Solutions Conference & Expo

Reapacorp will be attending the 2010 Print Solutions Conference & Exp May 24-26 in Baltimore. Please stop by our booth #407. For more information about Print Solutions’ Conference & Expo, please visit http://www.printsolutionsshow.com/.

25 Approved Materials!

Repacorp has tested and approved 25 popular (and varied) materials for our digital presses. We have papers, synthetics, metallics, fluorescents, environmental and tag stock from which to choose!

If you are unsure of which material is best for your application, please call your customer service representative. They will be happy to help you choose the best material and adhesive for your label.

RFID Application—Conference & Expo Name Badges

Repacorp’s RFID 4-color process tags were the star of a recent Conference & Expo.  Repacorp’s ability to print up to 6 colors prior to insertion enabled the name badges to be branded with the Conference and Expo’s logo.  When participants walked through the doors of the Conference & Expo with their name badges, the RFID chips recorded who attended, their company, date, time, and other pertinent information about the attendee. RFID readers at the booth level eliminated the need for scanning cards.

Tool Free Cutting System

Labels cut special shape

Labels courtesy of Lalajava, LLC

Due to our proprietary cutting system, we do not charge for dies. Our tool-free cutting method allows us to cut any desired shape—just provide a die line with your artwork.

With the ability to produce labels any shape imaginable, Repacorp has enabled designers to create labels that stand out on the shelves.  With digital short label runs (no plates or dies), it is now very cost effective to test designs in marketing research or update the look of a product’s label.

RFID Journal Live!

Repacorp will be attending the RFID Journal Live! in Orlando, Florida April 14-16, Orange County Convention Center.  Stop by our booth!