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High Speed Digital Technology for Long Label Runs with Multiple Versions

Repacorp’s new 13″ wide  high-speed press combines the productivity associated with flexo (speeds up to 246 ft/min) with the flexibility offered by rapid job change. Our 4-color digital press uses curable UV inks, offers an opaque white option, cold foil and two additional flexo stations for PMS colors, fluorescents, metallic ink or spot varnish. Kyocera print heads provide 600 dpi native resolution, which means more smaller drops are printed in order to create finer detail on both images and small point text.


Our press offers back printing, black variable data, and laminating with roll to roll or roll to sheet finishing on just about any material. Our three flexo die stations provide top cutting, perforating, sheeting and undercutting capabilities. To top it all off, we added an Advanced Vision Technology system that delivers 100% in-line print inspection and quality control. With the AVT system we are able to ensure quality and color repeatability from label to label and from one run to the next.

Note: This press is for large label runs (ideal for large runs with multiple SKUs). It is not cost effective for short runs and does not replace our five digital short run presses with laser cutting located in Ohio, Wisconsin and Arizona.

New Mark Andy P7 RFID Press

According to the RFID: Technology, Applications, and Global Markets report by BCC Research, RFID technologies was valued at roughly $9.7 billion in 2013, $11.1 billion in 2014, and should approach $24 billion by 2019.

There is a lot of growth in retail item level RFID tagging and in closed loop applications. To keep up with the demand, Repacorp has installed our third RFID press in our Ohio facility.

Over 750 Stock Labels and Tags!

Do you have Repacorp’s stock label catalog? With over 750 stock labels and tags, we have one of the largest stock programs in the industry.  Items drop ship under your name and branding to encourage reorders. Call 10800-323-4415 today to have a stock label catalog mailed to you, or an online version emailed.


Repacorp’s Wisconsin facility is inspected by AIB International using the Consolidated Standards for Food Contact Packaging Manufacturing Facilities.

Large Format Digital Press in Arizona

Repacorp’s Arizona facility has purchased a Screen Truepress Jet2500UV. This press can run roll-to-roll formats that include posters, banners, backlit signs, fine art, billboards, and decals. Rigid substrates open up markets for signs, transit advertising, exhibits and displays. The Truepress Jet2500UV prints on substrates up to 1.9″ thick and 98.4″ wide with flexible UV inks that do not crack when the printed piece is bent or stretched.

Truepress Jet2500UV’s superb detail is due to a maximum output resolution of 1,500 dpi, and incorporates drop-on-demand, eight-level grayscale printing heads. The variable ink drop technology enables smooth gradations for photo-quality color printing. The Truepress Jet2500UV also prints up to 21 layers for textured images. Multiple image layering opens up possibilities to produce Braille formats for ADA graphics and double-sided window graphics. Watch a video about our new large format capabilities on Repacorp’s YouTube channel! Video of Repacorp’s Large Format Press Capabilities



OSHA has updated the requirements for labeling of hazardous chemicals under its Hazard Communication Standard (HCS). As of June 1, 2015, all labels will be required to have pictograms, a signal word, hazard and precautionary statements, the product identifier, and supplier identification.

For more information: www.osha.gov (800) 321-OSHA (6742)

Make Shape Part of the Brand

Studies by the Operative Communications Hierarchy have found  that we are affected by the elements of package design in the following order: colors, shapes, symbols, and words. Your customers put a lot of thought into developing their logo (symbol) and choosing their label’s color, but have they given any thought to making thier label’s shape part of their brand?     

With Repacorp’s digital labels with laser cutting, there are no tooling charges. We can cut odd shapes, inner cutouts, perforations and scores. The shape of your customer’s label can be as intricate and creative as their imagination. Simply provide a die line on a separate layer of the artwork, and we will cut thier labels into a unique brand shape, for each product segment, throughout their brand.

Repacorp’s Video Library

Repacorp will continue to add videos to our library for distributors to download. Adding videos to your YouTube channel, and linking them to your website, will help your search engine optimazation. You can also upload the videos to your website or your blog to keep content fresh. If you have an idea or request for a video, please call our Marketing Department at 1-800-323-4415 with your video request.  Repacorp’s YouTube Channel

8 Questions to Ask to Quote a Label

Watch our video at:


 1)  What is the label’s size? To measure a label’s size, you would measure the width of the label from left to right as it is coming off the roll and then measure top to bottom for the length.

 2) What material would you like? A material consists of the facestock, adhesive, and liner. The selection of material and adhesive depends on your label application. You will need to know the conditions in which your label will be applied and the conditions it will encounter in its lifetime. If you don’t know which facestock or adhesive to use, tell us about your label’s application and lifecycle. We can help you with your selection, and if needed, we’ll send you material samples to test before an order is placed.

 3) Are we printing the label, or are you printing the label? If we are printing your label, let us know how many colors, if you need to match a PMS color, and if your label will have variable print, we will need a database. Do you need a varnish or an overlaminate applied to the label? If you have artwork, it would help us quote the label if we could see the art.

 4) How many labels (quantity)? If you have multiple versions of a label, tell us the quantity of each version you would like printed. Multiple versions of a label are multiple designs printed on the same material and cut to the same size and shape. 

 5) Are you going to apply the labels by hand, or will your labels be automatically applied by machine? If your labels are applied by machine, it is important to know how the labels need to be oriented coming off the roll. This is called the unwind position. 

 6) Do you want your labels perfed, or non perfed? Perf is short for perforation. The liner can be perfed between the labels, allowing you to easily tear off the desired amount of labels from the roll. If your labels are to be applied by machine, you will not want them perfed. Labels can also have a face perf. A face perf goes through the label, but not the liner. If you need a face perf, we need to know if the perf is vertical or horizontal. 

7) Is there anything special about the label? Let us know if the label should be pinfeed, if you need notches, blowholes, or if the facestock or liner needs to be scored. Perhaps you are looking at a more complex configuration such as a paint mask or piggyback label. The more we know, the more accurate your quote will be.

 8) How do you want your labels finished? Do you want your labels on a roll, sheeted, or fanfolded? If on a roll, do you need a special size core?

Variable Printing

Repacorp has purchased the Domino K600i variable press. What does this mean to our distributors? It means high-speed black variable print–and not just numbers and barcodes. We can support a range of linear, 2D barcodes (including QR codes), numbers, graphics, logos and personalized data!

Repacorp can now meet your growing demand for variable data labeling applications including; brand security and protection, personalization, game pieces and variable coding for security, pharmaceutical and industrial markets. Go beyond the mass production of a single label, and offer your customers the option of customization on a large scale.

Watch a video about our variable press and capabilites: Repacorp\’s Domino K600i Variable Press