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Quantity: 25,000 minimum
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Spot Colors: PMS Black
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PMS Yellow
PMS 151 Orange
PMS 175 Brown
PMS 180 Red
PMS 2955 Blue
PMS 347 Green
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NewsNotes are typically 3" x 3" or 3" x 4", 1 to 4 PMS spot colors, and fan folded.
Orders of unique dimensions, those utilizing process separations or more than 4 colors, or those requiring a special finish are quoted on a per job basis.

All inquiries and art can be sent to
or call 800-376-0521

News Notes™ design template

Aladdin accepts art work in most file formats, but uses Adobe Illustrator CS exclusively for production.
To expedite the process please follow these guidelines.

  • Outline all type.
  • If possible, convert files to EPS format.
  • Do not embed rasterized images. Send all support files.
  • Spot colors should be vector based, indicate PMS color selections.
  • Include PDF version for visual verification.