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Repacorp answers your questions about UL requirements for labels. We will respond to your question by e-mail regarding UL's requirements for labels, as well as post the question and answer under the FAQ tab to help other resellers.


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Q: Is it required to use a UL approved plant to produce UL labels or can a plant that is not approved produce them using UL required materials?

A: Yes, the production facility must be approved by UL in order to produce labels with UL requirements.

Q: What is UL?

A: UL is a third party independent testing lab with locations across the globe. Their safety consulting and certification services provide peace of mind to consumers and companies purchasing products that bare UL Marks.

Q: Are companies required to have their products tested by UL?

A: No, companies obtain certification voluntarily. It assures the company and the end user that the product they are selling or purchasing is safe for use in their environment.

Q: Is it controlled by the government?

A: No

Q: Are there labeling requirements for products certified by UL?

A: Yes, the labeling requirements are company and product specific. The specific requirements regarding the product, and all that applies to it including labels, are proprietary. Customers must provide the converter with the UL requirements for their labels.

Q: Are label converters required to have their labels tested by UL if applied to a UL Certified product?

A: Yes. Label converters must have a UL tested and approved label construction that meets the end use application. The converter must identify the following application requirements:

  • To what surface will the label be applied? (This must be exact such as epoxy powder paint, polyester paint, chromate coated metal, etc.)
  • What are the minimum and maximum temperature requirements?
  • Are the labels used indoors, outdoors or both?
  • Will there be printing by the customer?
  • What inks are to be printed by the converter?
  • Is there a UL Mark printed on the label?
  • Is their product to be certified for use in the U.S., Canada or both?

Q: Why is it important to have the label construction tested and approved by UL?

A: The UL required information provides safety information regarding the product to which the label is applied. If the label comes off, or the print fades, there is a safety risk for the end user and the person servicing the product.

Product manufacturers spend millions of dollars to have their products tested by UL. Repacorp respects their decision and supports them by doing our due diligence to ensure the labels we provide them will not fail.


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